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Chakra balance necklace
Chakra balance necklace

Chakra balance necklace

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Beautiful handmade necklace to balance all 7 chakra's, comes in natural gemstone beads for every chakra. With a finishing touch the SunMoon medallion. To wear; can support you in your meditation or fashionable with your boho look with a jeans or dress everything is possible. This is a real eye-cather which you would like to hold everytime you see this gem.

☆ Lenght 89 cm 

☆ 108 beads - 8mm

☆ Gemstone beads: Tigereye, Black tourmaline, Carneool, Sunstone, Blue apatite, Lapis, Aquamarine, Amethyst and Rosequartz

Necklace will be cleansed before it will go to her new home ♡