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Apatite sea turtle bracelet
Apatite sea turtle bracelet

Apatite sea turtle bracelet

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This beauty, handmade created bracelet with apatite gemstones, goldfilled sea turtles and finishing off with small strawberry quartz stone, to enhance your armparty. 

☆ length approx. 19cm 

☆ Apatite stone gives more intuition, wisdom and helps communication and gives and receive inspiration. Good for your throath and third chakra.

☆ Sea turtle as your spirit animal, it gives you imformation to walk your path in peace and patience. Ancient wisdom and stay grounded in moments of disturbances and chaos. Feeling save and secure.

☆ Strawberry quartz is a great facilitator of seeking hidden information. Very soothing in a fast paced environment. Useful compagnon during meditation.